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About the Bacchus

Bacchus is a brand of Deviser Guitars that is proud of its highest-class building techniques cultivated in Japan since 1977.  Founded by the honorable and acclaimed luthier Mr. Yasuo Momose, the company started as the acoustic guitar brand of Headway. Deviser offers the highest level of manufacturing techniques and technologies, committed to selecting the best woods and materials, overwhelming others.One of the advantages that other famous brands are unable to match is that Bacchus found creative ways to cut costs, increasing the value of their finished products. The high art of woodworking in Japan has been cultivated for ages. It is now being honoured furthermore by the passion and skills of current artisans. Bacchus’ factories in other parts of Asia allow them to offer excellent quality instruments for all budgets.

In 1991, Deviser created the Bacchus guitar and bass brand, which at the time focused its production on copies of Gibson and Fender with fantastic precision and dexterity. Bacchus already offered custom instruments with a brand-specific design. Bacchus by Deviser also manufactured its own pickups and electronic components, which is unusual among Japanese guitar brands. Most Bacchus instruments are equipped with original pieces, which is the particularity and reputation of this brand very respected in the world of Made in Japan. It should be added that Bacchus also produces most of its accessories: tuners, bridges, etc The pickups designed by the brand are famous for their tones. The copies of the single-coil Fender pickups deliver a sound close to the originals, and so are the copies of the Gibson PAFS. Moreover, it is not common to see Bacchus handmade guitars with pickups or electronics changed by their owners. The wood essences used for Bacchus guitars and basses are selected with great care to transform them Into instruments of exception. Bacchus opted for a nitrocellulose finish for its medium and high- end instruments.


In 2005, Bacchus ended its production of Fender and Gibson copies without giving any particular reasons. At the announcement of this decision, Japanese collectors rushed on the last copies for sale, mainly on models of the series Bacchus Vintage, and stocks quickly melted. Today, it is occasionally found on eBay and other online sales sites. Because of a certain skepticism that I do not understand, or by pure ignorance, these guitars and basses are still underestimated in Europe and the United States. These instruments are very good collector's items and represent, in my opinion, an excellent investment for the future. In line with the global market for musical instruments, Bacchus has also launched the "Universe" series of guitars and basses, with a vintage style and aimed at beginners with competitive prices.


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