Choosing the Right Digital Piano for You

So, you’ve decided to branch out and get yourself a digital piano. There are so many options out there it can be difficult to know where to start! Read on and we’ll give you some tips on the different types of models and how they might suit you.


All Things 88?

Black and white image of person playing piano

If you’re keen to play piano, then you’ll definitely want to make sure you get a piano with an 88 key fully weighted action. You can of course start learning on a keyboard with less than 88 keys that aren’t weighted. This seems to be ok initially as you are just starting to get familiar with the notes and the placement of your fingers on the keys.

The downside is that you are not going to get any type of technique developing. This is because there is a big difference between just having springs for resistance in the key action (non-weighted), as opposed to having progressively weighted keys with weights in them (88 note fully weighted action).

Years ago, this would have meant splashing a LOT of cash, but these days 88 key models are more affordable than ever.

Portable, Home, Stage or all three?

Digital pianos can be broken down into 3 categories. All three typically use similar technologies but are presented in different formats with different features to suit different applications. See below for an explanation and some examples of popular models.


Portable Piano

If you’re after a really compact piano that doesn’t take up a lot of room at home that you can even store under a bed, then a portable piano will do the trick.

The NUX NPK-10 is one of our most popular models. It’s a great affordable option if you’re new to piano or coming from another instrument such as guitar. There are awesome high-quality sounds onboard featuring NUX’s Supernatural piano technology. There’s also Bluetooth integration for connections to apps. You can use it as a portable piano and stage piano on a foldup keyboard stand. Or option it with the smart stand with three pedal unit to turn it into a compact home style furniture piano.

NUX NPK-10 Portable Digital Piano 88 Keys,Triple-Sensor Scaled  Hammer-Action Keyboard,5 Types Touch Sensitivity : Musical Instruments -

Home Piano

If you’re after something that looks more like a traditional piano, you may want to look at something that’s designed specifically for home use.

You can move up in Kurzweil’s range with the M90, a taste of the concert hall into your home. Kurzweil’s M90 Digital Piano places that world-class sound in a compact piano that's perfect for living rooms, dens, and more. The M90’s 88 hammer-action keys and 3-pedal unit deliver quality feel and dynamics just like the real thing, with 16 presets sounding equally as good. Onboard recording along with MIDI, USB, and Aux In/Out ports make it easy to capture and share your songs with the world. With the Kurzweil M90, the beauty and sound of a grand piano isn’t only reserved for the stage.

Kurzweil M70SR Digital Piano

The NUX WK-310 has great sound, A perfect home always contains artistic and cultural decoration elements. Kurzweil KA-90 has fully weighted hammer action keyboard with adjustable touch sensitivity.


Stage Piano

Whether you're rocking Rachmaninoff or a blistering synth lead, keyboard feel is everything. As your fingers glide across the Kurzweil SP6's 88 weighted-hammer-action keys, you're rediscovering the joy of playing. The sonic performance is brilliant across the board; from the high-definition Japanese C7, German D, and Triple Strike acoustic concert grands, to electric piano, clavinet, harpsichord, celeste, crotales — and more, including PC3 series and Kore 64 expansions. Add reverb from the onboard multi-FX engine. Mobilize any of eight arpeggiators. There are so many more powerful features, yet the SP6 is quick and easy to navigate. And weighing in at under 27 pounds, the Kurzweil SP6 is makes a great gigging keyboard.

Kurzweil SP6 Stage Piano All Playing, No Talking! - YouTube