Laney Amplification was founded in 1967 by Lyndon Laney while playing bass guitar in Band of Joy. Lyndon's intense interest in electronics, paired with his lack of funds to purchase a proper amplifier, led to his building what would become the first Laney amp in his father's garage.

Laney is the signature of high quality British guitar and bass amplifiers. When Lyndon Laney needed an amp for his band in 1966, little did he know that the amp he made was the start of a long journey, a journey spanning over 50 years and every continent on the planet. Designed and Engineered for musicians, by musicians. They are a proud family business dedicated to supporting players like you with the equipment to perform at your very best. Whether you're a guitarist, bassist, vocal performer, keyboard player or drummer. We have a product that is sure to inspire you. They're proud to provide quality products to aspiring amateurs and professionals alike and our award-winning products power the dreams of beginners, grace the world's biggest stages and inspire everyone in between.

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Packs in everything you need, whether you are a guitarist, electronic drummer, vocalist, electronic performer or keyboard player, or all of the above. Each input channel is equipped with its own EQ and level controls, meaning you can customise settings for each player, and the 5 band master EQ allows detailed tonal shaping of the overall signal. A custom designed 12" driver and HF horn are housed in the dual position kick back carpet covered cabinet and protected by a steel kick proof grille.

An onboard digital delay equipped with feedback, time & level controls provides great sounding delays. You can add further effects using the FX insert on the rear panel - minimum 8 Ohms.


Portable PA system - 2x200W - 6 channels Bluetooth and FX - mics included


The AH40 multi-input combo features 3 channels with XLR & jack inputs plus 5-band graphic master EQ. A 40W RMS power stage is coupled to an 8" woofer.


Passive stage monitor - 360W 8 ohm - 12 inch woofer plus horn


Passive stage monitor - 500W 8 ohm - 15 inch woofer plus horn


Active stage monitor - 240W - 12 inch woofer plus horn


The Laney LA15C is a compact, plug-and-play practice amplifier designed specifically for acoustic instruments.


A dual-channel 30W RMS acoustic combo amplifier, ideal for performance and rehearsal. Designed and engineered in the UK, the LA30D calls on Laney’s 50-year history of amplifier building to provide versatility, portability, and reliability to all levels of player from the rehearsal room to the stage.


A twin channel guitar head kicking out 120 watts RMS with 2 independent channels each with 3-band EQ and on-board Reverb. The LX range of solid-state electric guitar amplifiers offers legendary Laney guitar tone and reliability from practice room to stage.


The LX120RT is a twin channel, twin 12" speaker guitar combo kicking out 120 watts RMS with 2 channels each with 3-band EQ and on-board Reverb.


Guitar combo - 65W - 12 inch woofer - Reverb