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7-piece Drum Microphone Kit with BD-1 Kick Mic, 4 x ST-4 Tom/Snare Mics, 2 x OH-2 Overhead Mics, and Accessories

Mic Your Kit with PreSonus!

Getting a good sound from a kit isn't always an easy proposition. With the PreSonus DM7 Drum Microphone Set, you get seven great mics at an extremely accessible price point. You get the BD-1 for a fat, punchy kick sound, a quartet of ST-4 mics that work superbly on toms and snare, and a pair of OH-2 small-diaphragm condenser overhead microphones to capture the rest of the kit. It all ships in a heavy-duty carrying case with mic clips, mounts, and windscreens for all the mics. If you're looking for a budget-friendly way to mic your kit without sacrificing sound quality, consider the PreSonus DM7 Drum Microphone Set.


BD-1, your ticket to bodacious bass sounds

With the BD-1, capturing a robust, punchy kick sound is easy. This dynamic mic captures all the thump you need while retaining the initial beater attack — something other mics can struggle with. You don't have to stop at drums! We've seen more than a few bass players at Music Outlet mic up their bass cab with a DM7.

ST-4, serious sound for snare and toms

For your toms and snare drum, the PreSonus DM7 drum microphone set comes with four ST-4 Dynamic microphones. They excel on almost any high-impact source from snare to toms to cowbell. And with the included rim mounting system, positioning the mics to your liking is as easy as ever. Say goodbye to all the mic stands that took ages to set up and tear down.

OH-2, not only for overheads

To make sure you capture the bright and shimmery nature of your cymbals, PreSonus included two OH-2 overhead microphones. These matched small-diaphragm condenser microphones do wonders for reproducing the complete sonic footprint of your kit. And they're not limited to just being drum overheads either! If you want to track a stereo source like piano, acoustic guitar, or marimba, the pair of OH-2s will do the trick.



  • Number of Microphones:7
  • Included Models:1 x BD-1, 2 x OH-2, 4 x ST-4
  • Microphone Type:Dynamic, Condenser (OH-2)
  • Polar Pattern:Cardioid
  • Max SPL:135dB (OH-2)
  • Manufacturer Part Number:DM-7


  • (1) BD-1 cardioid dynamic microphone for kick drums and bass amps
  • (4) ST-4 cardioid dynamic microphones with an adjustable rim-mounts for toms, snare, guitar amps, and more
  • (2) OH-2 cardioid small-diaphragm condenser microphone with clips and foam windscreens for drum overheads, high hats, acoustic guitar, and more.
  • The right choice for multitrack recordings of acoustic drum kits, guitar and bass cabinets, acoustic instruments, ensembles, and more
  • Sold as a complete microphone set
  • Hardshell carrying case included


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What's in the box

1 x BD-1 Kick Mic

4 x ST-4 Tom/Snare Mics

2 x OH-2 Overhead Mics

1 SET x Rim clips & Accessories

1 x Hardshell Carrying Case